Endings in this game:

  • B3A: Monster King Wins
  • B4:  Monster King is Defeated [NO GAME FOR THIS ENDING YET, YOU COULD MAKE IT!]
  • B3C:  End of the World [TAKEN]

Previous game:

This is a collaborative round robin of games, an exquisite corpse of games. Join us on discord to add your games to our ongoing timelines! The first game can be found here

This game was made by The Great Duck.



The source code is made available and anyone can use its contents to make further games in the branching corpses series.

If you liked the music used in this game, you can find more of it here: https://soundcloud.com/adrien-dittrick

If you enjoyed the music in this game, consider supporting Adrien Dittrick, who composed all of it: https://www.patreon.com/adriendittrick


bc_Forty_Days_and_Forty_Bites_gms2source.zip 10 MB
Forty Days and Forty Bites GM8 Source.gmk 7 MB

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